Arts for a Better Tomorrow harnesses the transformational power of the arts, to provide underserved youth with life skills, academic readiness, and a strategic path to a healthy, productive, and self-sustaining future.


Young people with a disadvantaged past will have equal access to a bright future.

  • ESL Drama

    Tijuana orphanage youth learn English with intention through theater and working on a scripted scenes from classic plays to popular Hollywood films

  • Creative Team Work

    Highland Park High school students and industry professionals team up to produce quality films that tackle current challenges

  • Self expression

    TJ orphanage teens get hands-on learning on how to tell their stories through film

    TJ teens learning about Cinematography
  • Rural Community Outreach

    Classes are offered free of charge to youth in neighborhoods with no after-school activities.

    Rural Community outreach in TJ
  • Industry Excursions

    Orphanage youth visit Baja Studios for a day of activities and learn first hand what went into the making of some of their favorite films.

    Industry Excursions: Orphanage TJ Youth visit Baja Film Studio
  • Arts and Culture Cross-border Field Trip

    Tijuana orphanage youth visit the USA for a day at San Diego Museum of Art and Latino Film Festival.

    TJ teens visit USA: Arts for Culture USA Field Trip
  • Theater for everyone!

    Teens from two orphanages in Tijuana meet for the first time to participate in theater workshops.

ABT star First Annual Gala Awards Dinner and Fundraiser Event

Arts for a Better Tomorrow will be hosting its First Annual Gala Awards and Fundraiser Event!

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ABT starArts for a Better Tomorrow

Arts for a Better Tomorrow (ABT) is a bi-national, non-denominational, non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, created and founded by actor Jose Yenque. Guided by its Board of Directors, ABT brings together a group of talented professionals dedicated to advancing the organization’s Mission and Vision. Artists, mental health professionals, and university faculty jointly develop ABT’s curriculum. A team of skilled artists, educators, and university student interns from the U.S. and Mexico facilitates ABT workshops and programming.

Key to our success is the integration of young graduates from Arts for a Better Tomorrow into the decision-making and programming process of the organization. Our graduates provide a unique and crucial perspective and develop ongoing leadership and career skills by giving back to the organization that supported them