Arts for a Better Tomorrow

Healing Through the Arts

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Our mission... 

IMG_9963 (1).jpg to harness the transformative power of the arts to provide underserved youth with life skills, coping tools, academic readiness, and a strategic path to a healthy, productive, and self-sustaining future.

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“We use the arts to help disadvantaged youth transition into adulthood. We provide the tools to help them overcome trauma and learning barriers in order for them to be better prepared for life.” 

— Jose Yenque, Founder and Mentor

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Our vision is to create a world where youth from diverse, disadvantaged communities have support and equitable access to a bright future.

We provide an alternative rehabilitative and therapeutic arts-based program that is like no other in North America. We’ve undertaken the challenge to making a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged teens as they transition into adulthood, helping them overcome traumas and learning barriers.