Licenced Degree in Theatre studies/ Actress

Born in the city of Córdoba, Argentina, Melina Sánchez Bronzini got her degree in Theatre Studies from the National University of Córdoba (UNC) in 2012. She received her academic and artistic education from Argentina’s finest theatre directors and intellectuals, including Oscar Rojo, Roberto Videla, Paco Giménez, Sergio Blanco, Cipriano Argüello Pitt, José Luis Valenzuela and Raúl Iaiza, among others.

 Aside from her academic coursework, Melina was artistically trained and instructed in drama and acting by Rubén Schumacher, Claudia Cantero, Gabriel Calderón and Alejandro Catalán. Moreover, constantly looking to progress and challenge herself by seeking the uncomfortable unfamiliarity of the unknown outside her comfort zone, she engaged in artistic and dramaturgic training and collaborative experiences with industry leaders such as Jazmín Sequeira and Cipriano Arguello Pitt in their seminar “The actor as a dramaturge” in the ‘DocumentA/Escénicas’ production and research center From 2006-2014 she performed as a lead actress in various plays such as “La Entrañable Intimidad del Terruño” (directed by Emilia Zlauvinen), “Ocho espasmos, musical siniestro para despertar” (“Eight spasms, morbid musical to dawn”, directed by Eugenia Hadandoniou), “...Y los jóvenes” (“And the youth”, directed by Raúl Rivero), “eNbargados, la noche que nos distrajimos” (collective dramaturgy), “Geografía del deseo” (“Geography of desire”, directed by Oscar Rojo), Proyecto RadAR 12.3 (directed by Andrés Silva Slé), among others. 

Melina has also participated in the video clip “Monstruos en el placard” by the band ‘Iceberg del Sur’ and the music video “Take a pill” by ReadyNever. Her most notable appearances in television, advertising and fashion shows include “Desfile Silkey Baires Fashion Show”, “Cromosoma XF. La moda como canal de identidad” (by Noelia Ponce de León), “Amaphola design” (by Laura Scattolini), "Charly Villa fashion show" (by Charly Villa), Diseñazo 2012 (collective designers show), among others.

In 2013, Melina was ready to take her artistic formation to the next level and got accepted to renowned theater courses with Buenos Aires’ most distinguished directors, including Ricardo Bartis, Beatriz Spelzini and Heidi Steinhart, the latter of which hosted Melina’s presentation of a series of monologues to a group of leading independent Argentine directors.

In 2014, Melina travelled to London, UK, where she focused specifically on mastering the Meisner technique in a three-months workshop with Kate Maravan. Simultaneously, Melina assisted Nathan Osgood´s workshop “Plays To performance” in London’s theater hub “The Seven Dials Club”. The same year, back in Argentina, Melina participated in the workshop ‘Theatrical Pedagogy: Convey sensitivity through theatre’, directed by Chusa Pérez de Vallejo from “Los últimos”, an esteemed theater company from Spain. Besides following her interest in theatrical pedagogy, Melina participated in Juan Manuel Maciel’s workshop “A focalized actor” with a focus on personal poetic construction of the self.

In Argentina, Melina has worked as a theatre teacher in primary and secondary schools in Córdoba and Buenos Aires from 2011 to 2013. Furthermore, between 2010 and 2012 she was a member of Wayra, a social community project that worked with children from disadvantaged and socioeconomically deprived neighbourhoods in Córdoba. She coordinated a workshop related to environmental and popular education, engaging children and adolescents in pedagogic activities and workshops about identity and a sense of belonging to the community.

At the moment, Melina is enrolled in a four-month online seminar on theatrical pedagogy by Débora Astrosky, provided by CELCIT (Latino-American Center of Theatrical production and research). Being located in the city of Los Angeles, US, she is voluntarily interning with Arts for a Better Tomorrow (ABT), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that harnesses the transformational healing powers of theatre and media arts to effect real social change and offer positive future paths to at-risk youth on both sides of the Mexican-US border in Tijuana and Los Angeles.