By: Paul Fitzgerald | The New York City Herald

Cylentium’s Zero Identity Cyber Invisibility technology will help protect disadvantaged youth, and will raise funding and together launch ABT’s new laptop program

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An actor who helps shape representation of Latinos in the media and a cybersecurity company have formed a dynamic powerhouse partnership that will greatly benefit youths in underserved communities who routinely face traumatic experiences as a way of life.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this extraordinary partnership seeks to provide a meaningful impact on their target audience; the youth, thanks to Arts for a Better Tomorrow (ABT) and Cylentium Inc. for turning this need into reality.

Founded by actor, writer, and producer Jose Yenque (Traffic, Lucifer, Law and Order: SVU and Bye Luna), ABT sets out to improve the lives of children, families, and communities through the arts. ABT brings an alternative rehabilitative and therapeutic arts-based program like no other, not-for-profit entity in North America to help youth tap into and develop their instinctive strength and resilience which helps them become productive, contributing citizens of the world.

Cylentium is a cybersecurity company that has developed Zero Identity Cyber Invisibility – a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity technology now on the market that creates a secure and solid shield around your Wi-Fi, Cable, and Cellular networks. Whether it is your computers, smartphones, TV’s, home assistants and security, anything within your home, they protect it.

Cylentium is making an extraordinary contribution by providing its revolutionary cybersecurity technology to ensure the protection of the kids, and the protection of ABT. The innovative cybersecurity technology will help kids feel safe and give them that true peace of mind while they are online, and this tech will also protect them, too.

Additionally, the partnership will also involve Cylentium helping raise money to expand ABT’s laptop program in 2021 and beyond so that more teens will benefit from ABT and its specialized empowerment-themed programs.

Wayne Ronhaar, who is the CEO of Cylentium Inc., and his entire company are thrilled with the partnership as it will help our youth of today on so many levels.

When we launched Cylentium, we asked ourselves one fundamental question: how can we help change the world and leave it a little better than we found it? Sure, our technology is protecting families, military, and enterprises, but we are thrilled to take our technology one step further and help disadvantaged youth become better citizens of tomorrow,” says Ronhaar.

He adds, “Our Zero Identity Cyber Invisibility is an innovation technology that will protect ABT and help keep kids safe while online. Even better, we are now working together with ABT to raise more funds for its laptop program so that more teens have access to technology and the amazing programs that will empower them now and well into the future.”

Yenque indicates that the partnership with Cylentium scripts a whole new chapter for ABT.

“ABT has community/media partners, an amazing board, and a dedicated team of teaching artists and volunteers, but this is our first formal partnership with an international company that is so well known in the technology space,” says Yenque.

“Our non-profit is working tirelessly to help at-promise youth who have faced traumatic experiences, such as surviving COVID-19, and Cylentium has stepped up to the plate with their innovative technology that will do a world of wonders for our youth and ABT. Their cybersecurity technology and our laptop program will both grow in a big way, which is truly exciting. Community outreach is powerful, and together ABT and Cylentium will help shape the lives of many teens throughout North America.”

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